Security Audit Report

At LobsterSwap, security is paramount. To ensure the utmost protection for user assets and platform integrity, our smart contracts have undergone a meticulous security audit conducted by ContractWolf. This comprehensive audit covered every facet of our smart contracts, scrutinizing potential vulnerabilities and ensuring alignment with industry best practices.

The audit process entailed a thorough examination of our codebase, focusing on potential attack vectors and smart contract logic. ContractWolf's experienced auditors applied their expertise to identify any security loopholes that could compromise the safety of our users.

The resulting audit report, available here, provides transparency into the audit process, its findings, and the steps taken to address any issues. This report reflects our commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy platform, reassuring the LobsterSwap community that their assets are well-protected as they engage in trading and liquidity provision within our ecosystem.

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